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Allenhurst NJ

Visit our New Jersey Shore, Allenhurst NJ website at:

Allenhurst NJ
Click on the picture to visit the Allenhurst town website

Allenhurst, NJ Brief History:

First settled by the English in 1664, the .028 square mile land area of Allenhurst has become one of the wealthier towns on the New Jersey Shore.

The name "Allenhurst" derives from a family named "Allen" that had a large farm extending from the beach to Page Avenue. The word "Hurst' is French for "Sandy Knoll" or "Wood".

For most of its history, Allenhurst remained a quiet farming and fishing area. The town was not incorporated until 1897, the same year that a pavilion on the beach was built and the first volunteer fire department was organized. It was fortunate that Allenhurst had their fire company - within five years the Allenhurst Inn burned down, and soon after, the Dunes Hotel.

By the 1900's, most of Allenhurst NJ had been purchased by developers and laid out for residential purposes. Very little space was allotted for commercial use. The large Victorian and Tudor-Style homes, as well as the small-town America feel of the neighborhood today will impress visitors to Allenhurst. The beaches of Allenhurst are always pristine, and fabulous dining can be found within Allenhurst and the neighboring towns.