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Dune Grass At The New Jersey Shore

There are a number of varieties of dune grasses capable of both long-term growth and stabilization of dunes along the New Jersey Shore.

The American Beach Grass is well suited to the late summer and fall as is a ‘cool season’ dune grass that flourishes along the north and mid-Atlantic coast.

Because American Dune Grass is a cool season grass, the best planting times are late fall to early winter. American Dune Grass is a hardy clump grass capable of lateral spreading runners that grow to a depth of four feet.

This grass grows quickly along the seaward edge but has a tendency to die out after only a few years on the leeward side of a dune crest.

This grass is widely used to stabilize dune structures and, as it dies out, is replaced with the hardier bitter panicum or sea oats. Both bitter panicum and sea oats are warm weather plants and should be planted from March to May when repopulating dunes at the New Jersey Shore.