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Lake Como NJ

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Lake Como NJ
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Lake Como NJ Brief History:

Although the land that makes up Lake Como, New Jersey, was settled in 1693, it was only in 1924 that the borough came into existence. It was formed out of Wall Township, and is bound on the west by the railroad, on the north by Sixteenth Avenue, on the east by “B” Street and on the south by Lake Como.

One of Lake Como’s early settlers was Jeremiah Newman, born in 1798. Mr. Newman devoted much of his efforts to farming. He soon realized the value of the seaside location and divided up his farmland into smaller tracts necessary for housing. He was eventually selling beachfront property for $1.00 an acre. The oldest house in Lake Como today was owned by the Newman family. Located at 504 18th Avenue, the house is 150 years old and built from sea timbers found on the beach by a member of Newman’s family.

When the Borough was first founded, there was a lot of work to be done. During the first month, a disorderly persons ordinance was passed to deal with intoxicated persons, loud language, gaming places, and even stray dogs. The major goal at this time was to make the shores of Lake Como into a park. This did not happen until 1950. Five years after World War II ended, the Denman, Fisher & Perkins Memorial to those that died in the war was dedicated on the shores of Lake Como.

Today, beachgoers flock to Lake Como & Belmar in droves. The area enjoys a thriving beachfront as well as plenty of shops, restaurants and cocktail lounges. There are abundant opportunities for fishing and boating, or just strolling on the boardwalk. Come to Lake Como to experience all the best of summer at the Jersey Shore!