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Monmouth Beach

Monmouth Beach NJ Brief History:

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Shrewsbury River, Monmouth Beach has a history that dates way back to 1668, when the land, including Sea Bright, was purchased by Eliakim Wardell. A few hundred years later, in 1842, the property was in the hands of Wardell’s great-grandson, Henry. Henry sold one of the lots to the U.S. Life Saving Service, and the rest, in 1865, to Arthur V. Conover of Freehold. Mr. Conover purchased the land from Wardell for just $5.00 an acre, and soon after sold lots for $100.00 an acre.

In 1871, Conover and some investors founded the Monmouth Beach Association, headed by a Swedish engineer who was to map out streets and lots for homes. Large, oceanfront homes were built, and those wealthy enough to buy them came in droves.

The town of Monmouth Beach officially got its charter on March 9, 1906. Monmouth Beach enjoys a perfect mix of small town charm and seaside resort. The architecture of Monmouth Beach includes many 19th Century Victorians as well as contemporary seaside mansions. This, combined with a newly expanded beachfront and fabulous dining nearby, make Monmouth Beach an ideal spot on the Jersey Shore.