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New Jersey Campgrounds

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Albocondo Campground
  • 1480 Whitesville Road
  • Toms River, NJ
Arrowhead Campground
  • 163 Leektown Road
  • Egg Harbor, NJ
Baker's Acres Campground
  • 230 Willets Avenue
  • Parkertown, NJ
Brookville Campground
  • 224 Jones Road
  • Barnegat, NJ
Butterfly Camping Resort
  • Butterfly Road
  • Jackson, NJ
Cedar Creek Campground
  • 1053 US Highway 9
  • Bayville, NJ
Chestnut Lake Campground
  • 631 Old New York Road
  • Port Republic, NJ
Chips Folly Campground
  • Chips Folly Road
  • New Gretna, NJ
Indian Rock Campground
  • 920 West Veterans Highway
  • Jackson, NJ
KOA Campground
  • Stage Road
  • New Gretna, NJ
Laurel Pond RV-Camping Resort
  • 720 Route 537
  • Cream Ridge, NJ
Maple Lake Campgrounds, Inc.
  • State Highway 528
  • Jackson, NJ
Pilgrim Lake Campground
  • Stage & Allen Road
  • New Gretna, NJ
Pine Cone Campground
  • 340 Georgia Road
  • Freehold, NJ
Scrubbie Pines Campground
  • 30 State Highway 72
  • Barnegat, NJ
Sea Pirate Light Campground
  • US Highway 9
  • West Creek, NJ
Surf and Stream Campground
  • State Highway 571
  • Toms River, NJ
Timberland Lake Campground
  • 1335 Reed Road
  • Jackson, NJ
Timberline Lake Camping Resort
  • Chatsworth Road
  • New Gretna, NJ
Tip Tam Camping Resort
  • 301 Brewers Bridge Road
  • Jackson, NJ
Toby's Hide-A-Way Campground
  • 380 Clearstream Road
  • Jackson, NJ
Wading Pines Camping Resort
  • 85 Godfrey Bridge Road
  • Chatsworth, NJ