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View the latest New Jersey Fishing report, supplied by Party Boat NJ.

Some of the best and most diverse year-round fishing occurs at the New Jersey Shore. Due to the Gulf Stream, the Hudson River Flow and the Delaware River Flow, the Jersey Shore produces a wide variety of species, such as bluefish, striped bass, fluke, weakfish and more.

Anglers can surf cast from selected beaches or enjoy fishing the inlets. Many half-day, full-day and nighttime party boats operate out of marinas on the New Jersey Shore.

Marinas can be found in Cape May, Wildwood, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Sea Bright, Belmar, Brielle, Point Pleasant and Seaside.

Visitors may enjoy a few hours of blue fishing on the Atlantic or even an overnight big game fishing trip via party boat.

New Jersey Fishing Report

The New Jersey Fishing Report is exclusively supplied by Party Boat NJ of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

party boat nj

Capt Dave's Queen Mary 

New Jersey Fishing Report  - Party Boat NJ

Sailing Daily 7:30am to 2pm
Stripers & Blues
Give the gift of Fishing 



Special Bonito & Albacore trips 
Open Boat Sept  22 & 29 6am departure
Limitedto 22 passengers Sept 20 & Oct 6 departs 6am
Mudhole Tuna 
Sept 27 & Oct 4
$150 per person limit 20 pass
departs 4:30am



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Sept 16
SUPER MACK ATTACK TODAY! We left the mackerel biting at 11:30am to go looking.  Most had too many mackerel, and were ready to take a chance.  I found some 2-3 pound Blues late. We were able to jig them and I will look thru this area first thing tomorrow morning.  Weather looking very nice this weekend.  See you aboard

Sept 15 
Did not fish too rough
Sept 14 
Sucked compare to yesterday!  We went right back to where we left fish biting the day before but the water was dirty and the fish moved on.  We did have some small Blues and Macks along with many sea bass we had to toss back due to the season being closed.   I moved up to where we caught some large Blues and a few Albys yesterday morning but that was no good catching only Stony's pool winning jumbo Blue and a few Porgies. The pic below is from Yesterday's trip. I received too late to post.  This is Norm who caught a nice Alby yesterday.  Thursday we will NOT sail due to rough forecast.  Friday looks very nice and will be back at it again at our normal 7:30am departure time 

Sept 13
Limited Bonito & Alby Trip was a success! I wouldn't say screaming one but we had lots of variety including the intended species: Bonito, Albacore, Jumbo & cocktail Blues, Mackerel, Porgies & Sea Bass.  Started with Jumbo Blues and some Alby's.  We had them in the slick but never all that many and the slick calm sea and lots of sun made it very difficult to trick them.  We did manage 15 or so Albys boated and released.  I went looking found small Blues lots of Mackerel and a handful of nice sized Bonito.  Rufus had 2 Bonito and won the pool. Weather looks best Wednesday & Friday.  Wednesday Gang will be down tomorrow.  

Sept 11 & 12 
Did Not Sail Not enough participation Sunday & Monday.  

Sept 10
Finally some signs of fall fishing!  Big Blues and Albacore provided some action today!  I read lots of fish but getting the Blues to bite was a problem.  We did capture a bunch mainly on jigs and some on bait too.  The Albys provided some nice action for about 2 hours.  It was tough fishing but those who had the light tackle and knew how to do it caught a few.  Bert was Hi-Hook with 3 Blues and 10 Alby

Sept 9 
Finally back out on the water! We had great weather and did catch some but I was hoping for better. After a large storm it usually takes 2-3 days of normal seas to get everything back together.  We captured some Mackerel, a handful of 1-3 pound Blues and some short Fluke and lots of sea robins.  Not terrible after 6 days of 20-40KT NE winds
Sept 5 
The Tropical Storm ruined the Labor Day Weekend with just some wind and bog seas just a long NE Blow that will linger through Tuesday.  We hope to fish Wednesday.  We had some good Bluefish Action Friday before the blow. Here are some pics from Friday's fishing and the bat ready to brace the storm

Aug 31
The Return of the Bluefish this afternoon! After a morning of Fluke and Seabass.  Rick jumped up to the helm to point out some splashing fish.  We checked it out and were pleasantly surprised! Lots of 3-5 pounds blues willing to eat the jigs.  Jim Stives ended up with 8 Blues and lost a bunch of others.  We had an hour of good jigging and got in late with our best catch of Blues since early July. Thursday's Weather looks calmest for next few days.  See ya aboard 

Aug 28-30
Great Weather and some nice action for SeaBass and Fluke! 
Here are some nice pics and Fluke to over 7 pounds 

Aug 27
It was a Mackerel Massacre this morning!  We were on our way to the Fluke and Sea bass grounds by 10:15am this morning as we had bucketsand bags full of macks in less than an hour.  We had action with the Fluke and Sebass but as usual not enough to keep with most getting tossed back

Aug 27
It was a Mackerel Massacre this morning!  We were on our way to the Fluke and Sea bass grounds by 10:15am this morning as we had buckets and bags full of macks in less than an hour.  We had action with the Fluke and Sebass but as usual not enough to keep with most getting tossed back

Aug 24
What an absolute GORGEOUS DAY!  Lots of keeper SeaBass with Fluke plus an hour of good Mackerel Fishing. Ed won the pool with a nice Fluke

Aug 21-23
Good Action with Mainly SeaBass & Fluke with some Macks mixed in.  Nice weather helping provide lots of action with a good number of keeper size Fluke and Sea Bass

Aug 20
Another Fantastic Day!  Weather was glorious and the fishing even Better.  Tons of Macks and after 11AM we switched up and had nice hour and a half of Fluke and Seabass

Aug 19
Another action packed day with mainly Fluke.  Tons of short Fluke action with a bunch of nice Quality Keepers.  Casey out with her father Gary showed up Gary catching more and bigger Fluke.  Lots of smiling faces 

Aug 18 
Lots of Mackerel with Fluke and Sea Bass in the mix!  7 pound Fluke won the pool
Aug 17
We had some spectacular Fluking Action with lots of keepers

Aug 16
Another wonderful day! Action all day with a nice mixed bag of fish:Fluke, Sea Bass, Porgies, Mackerel & some Blues

Aug 15
Good Action all day with Fluke a few Seabass plus some Mackerel

Aug 14 
Super Action for Macks! Those who wanted Fluke picked away and some nice Keepers to 7 pound pool winner

Aug 12 & 13

Fluke and Seabass action! Mainly short fluke with some quality keeper Fluke and Seabass mixed in.
Aug 11

Please don't let the so called weather experts fool you! Remember, this type of forecast is VERY MISLEADING. Yes there is a chance of a T-Storm, it's summer time, heat and humidity generally give a chance later in the day when you are off the boat and home after 6pm usually. These are pics from the past 4-6 days. Hope to see you aboard. Summer is almost over don't miss out!!

July 26-28 
Very Good Action with Mackerel with some Seabass too.  Today we picked away until 11am then crushed Macks the last 2 hours.  

July 25

July 24 
Was OK action for cocktail Blues for those who could cast and Mackerel were around the boatel day but tough to catch.  Most everyone had some of both species so all in all an OK day. 
July 21
An absolutely beautiful day on the Ocean with all the Blues and Chub Mackerel you could catch. The weather will be HOT next few days! Now's a great time to come fishing and beat the heat out on the water !!!

July 20 
Wednesday we shifted gears. With the Macks not cooperating well on Tuesday, Seabass & Fluke were what we targeted in hopes of some action.  We were not far if the Blues and Macks decided to bite.  Lots of seabass kept folks busy and some Fluke too.  Dusty won the pool with an 8 pounds Fluke. Tomorrow we will see what pans out.  Weather looking great rest of week

July 19 
Macks and cocktail size Blues not so good Tuesday.  We have some fish and it wasn't a complete disappointment.  The day just couldn't compare to the previous bunch of days
July 18
Another good Day with the Macks

July 17
Another Fantastic Day aboard the Queen Mary!  All the Macks you can shake a stick at! Marcello and his boys said "We crushed them!"  Grab your large mouth bass gear and come on down!  Weeks weather looks nice with Tuesday & Thursday the shining stars.  Hope to see you aboard

July 16 
Another Very Good Day aboard! Fishing has been very good since our one bad day this week on Wednesday.  Lots of mackerel with cocktail sized Blues mixed in.  Bait working best but those jigging can do just as well. Weather looks great next few days. Come on down! 
July 13 Tough Day overall!  After a couple of weeks of very good action with Mackerel and Sharks along with sea bass giving us nice variety.  Today was just the opposite.  It stunk all day until the last 45 minutes picking away at sea bass & Ling.  Tomorrow is another day

July 12 did not sail
July 10 & 11
Super Mackerel Action continues!  Lots of Macks with Sharks being caught daily up to 60 pounds.  Some small blues and Seabass too.  Today we had many sea bass limits before we went for the Macks

July 9
Solid mackerel action today! Too bad the weather was crap
July 8 
This pic says it all!  It's 3/4 day fishing mixed bag. Some Mackerel, couple keeper Fluke, a small blue or two.  Bob's group from Philly area had a nice days and the 19.5" fluke won the pool
July 8 
This pic says it all!  It's 3/4 day fishing mixed bag. Some Mackerel, couple keeper Fluke, a small blue or two.  Bob's group from Philly area had a nice days and the 19.5" fluke won the pool

July 7
SUPER ACTION TODAY! Tons of Macks lots of sharks to 6' Dusky, Browns and a Hammerhead, some limits of sea bass along with a few Blues too.  Nice mixed bag fun for the kids! 

July 3 - 6

Nice acton with Mackerel, Sea Bass & some Sharks.  Matt captured our first Bonito of the season this Sunday

June 30 & July 1 
MACK ATTACK!  Great Action for the Mackerel again today and Thursday!  A few cocktail sized Blues in the mix along with some cooler 3-4 foot sharks. Below is Sarah with a small Dusky. Pic taken then released unharmed 

June 29
Did not sail Tuesday.  Wednesday was super slow for the blues as whole fleet had less than a handful combined. An 8 pound Fluke and some short fluke action was the highlight of the day

June 24 
Was a bounce back day.  Lots of Big Blues on Jigs cooperated today! 

June 23
We did not sail the AM trip Thursday 
Magic Hour again was MAGIC! We have open spots next Tuesday June 28 & Friday July 1 Pics from last night:

June 22 Magic Hour Stripers
Another successful evening for Dave Schelhorn's group

June 22 Day 
Just OK at best for mixed sized Blues 2 -11 pounds 

June 21
Day trip did not sail  Magic Hour was another successful evening!

June 20 Magic
Liberty Union Bar & Grill does its again!  Third year in a row they crush the Stripers.  Great Evening aboard the Queen. The pics speak for themselves

June 20
WOW! SUPER DUPER ACTION FOR JUMBO BLUES TODAY!  Old time action for 7-13 pounders with the pool winner about 15 pounds.  My Father, Charles was aboard and sat down at 11:30am and told me he had had enough.  Couldn't reel in another!  Darryl was hi-hook with his 15 Bluefish limit.  

June 19 Fathers Day Magic Magic 
Nice night with a some very nice fish! Jim Gillespie with a hat trick! Doc Sal & Aherin with a pair of beauties.  Good night overall with snag & drop the ticket.

June 19 Fathers Day
Awesome Action for 2-3 pounders on jigs all day! Lots of smiling faces and first timers catching their first Blues.  Hi-hook Jim Stoltenborg and his son combined for over 25 Blues.

June 18 Magic 
Stripers provided the best action since Monday.  We landed a bunch and lost a few.  Pat Kameen and his buddy Paul landed a pair.  Read fish and bait was easy to get. We have 2 spots this Tuesday that opened up due to a cancelation.  Friday the 24th has a couple spots as does Wednesday the 29th

June 18 Day
Things improved quite a bit Saturday.  We found an area of smaller 2-3 pound Blues perfect for the large crowd we had aboard.  The action was all on jigs with a nice surprise added to the catch.  Ernesto was lucky enough to land a 50+ pound Black Drum.  Hi-hook was Raymond with 12 fish 

June 17
Tough Day after our first 2 drifts. We had Big Blues for about 1/2 hour total not too good overall
June 16
Thursday was OK for Blues during the day and terrible for the magic hour

June 15 Magic 
Ray Hoffman's charter was more of a drinking trip vs a fishing trip.  We got bait after a bit of a struggle and had some bites.  I thought it looked very fishy but didn't produce what I would have liked.  Ray boated very nice fish and we had a smaller fish and lost a couple others.  The Southerly finally dropped out but it didn't improve our catch any.  Plenty of fish around lets hope they bite again soon

June 15 Day
Very Good Action with large Blues to Ron's 14 pounder! Bill Holden wrapped up his rods for the day at 11:30AM his arms were weary.  The Wed Gang and many folks were treated to wonderful weather, fishing & a wonderful Whale show on the ride in.  Two Humpback Whales side by side slapping their fins and showing their Flukes quite often. Very nice summer day! Looks calm next couple days See ya aboard 

June 14 Magic
From Very good to Very Slow.  Bait was torture to get but in the end we got enough.  Fishing was super slow until I gambled and headed in a different direction than we had been.  We got some bites blew most of them but ended up boating a few nice Stripers.  Bert & Ernie tied for the pool with Steve close behind 

June 14 
Picked at the small Blues most of the day.  Not good but better than Monday
June 13 Magic 
Amazing! We get bait go to same area and within 20 minutes have a fish in the boat and picked away all evening.  A bunch of people, Matt, Page, Jim Steel, Chuck Noona & Bob Gieson all had their limit of Stripers.  Good Action right into dark leaving them biting. 

June 13
Day trip was terrible! Worst trip in weeks.  Couple of smaller blues then we made bait easily getting two live wells filled with bunker. The Stripers were not hungry as we never even had a run off all day.

June 12
Caught 1-2 pound Blues close to home and when that broke up we picked at Fluke and Sea Bass rest of Day.  Magic Hour trips Saturday & Sunday were both canceled due to high winds.
June 11
Was good early with 2-3 pound blues close to home.  The wind came up early and made it tough the rest of the day.  We did manage some larger Blues mid-day

June 10 Day
Capt JB at the helm again this morning.  After a very tough day yesterday the day started out quickly with Blues close and most had a few and some 8-10 fish by 9:30am.  Now he is in the schools of bunker with a few Big Stripers in the boat! Charlie displays a nice Striper

June 9 Magic 
Well the wind backed off just enough to get the Bass Chewing!  Nice catch this evening.  Bait was easy and we picked away and put together a very nice catch again.

June 9 day
Very tough day! Only a hand full of Blues but lots of bait and read fish/ Plus, the wind was howling 

June 7 
Day trip produced some BIG BLUES on jigs.  Laureen had a fun day in the Pulpit catching a few.  Kris, hooked a big Striper only to loose it near the boat. 
June 6
Stripers on both trips! Carlo had his limit of Stripers but was beat out by Ted's 48 pounder on the AM TRIP. The Magic Hour was tough getting bait but did make some and a few fish boated. Bob Gieson started us off and Artie finished us off.  

June 5 

June 4 Magic
After a very tough Day the BIG BASS started to bite!  Wind was slowly coming up as the night grew long but we made bait easy and caught fish in the bait and around the bait.  After that looked over I ran to another area and pick a few more to end the evening. Aherin Cox who had put in his time on these Magic Hour trips finally was rewarded with a nice Bass. Doug Flath had a limit as well as Brian Lynn.  Gary Rossnagel who fished both trips got a 37 pounder! 

June 4th Day 

TERRIBLE! That word sums up the fishing.  It was a gorgeous Day with a some dolphins and a little Whale Show too entertain those who were interested which was most.  We did get a dozen or so Blues but very late in the day
June 3 Magic Hour 
DOESNT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!  Jacob Lapp's grow fell into what I would say was the best fishing in over 4 years for me.  As fast as you got a bait in the water it was gulped, slapped at or smashed by a BIG BASS.  This is the time to get your ass down here, before it's too late.

June 3 Day
Hands Down Best Spring Striper Day trip in 3 years! Bait was hard to get so we would work at it for 45 min get 10-15 bunker then fish unit bait was gone and go at it again. Brian was HIGH HOOK with 4 Stripers and lost 2 others. Many had their limit of under and over 43" Bass.  Some released safely. What a Day! 

June 2 Magic Hour 

It was Magical again tonight!

June 2 Day 

Stripers Cooperated well today!  Come on down

June 1
Fast Action late in the day saved my ass!  the overall was slow with us picking a few every drift.  On our way home I ran into a large area of Blues on top and we had Super Action for about 40 minutes to make the day.  Thursday forecast is another top 10 day! 
May 31 Magic Hour
What a SUPER afternoon! Weather was perfect and the fishing was too.  Made bait easy for a change and most everyone aboard was able to contribute.  The bait started getting nervous and then it was on! We had a great hour holding 2-3 fish on with up to 5 on.  Mixed size Stripers up to Karl & Lou's 45 pounders which tied for the pool.  Karl had his limit and released another.  Earl from Delaware and Lou Fama had limits as well.  A few others were lucky enough to limit out as well.  Dolly Harris boated a30+ pounder to cap the night.  Great Bass fishing this evening.  We are Sold Out for Magic Hour thru Sunday.  Next week we still have openings.

May 31 
Not enough to sail this morning 
May 30
No Sail today due to the terrible forecast no patrons attended 

May 28

May 26 
Blues Bounced Right Back!  Was SUPER ACTION today for Jumbo Blues on Jigs!  Weather looks good right through the Holiday Weekend! See ya aboard 

May 25 
Tough Day!  We did manage some Jumbo Blues and a few Cod but not up to par for me.  Bob, Jack & Charlie from the Wed Gang below

May 24 Magic Hour 

Richie "1000" Started us off quick! Not 5 minutes into fishing we were hooked up and Rich was rewarded with a 26 pounder.  It had all the makings of a banner evening.  Shortly after we hooked up another on a fresh dead bait and before that one was in Hunter was hooked up using a live bunker.  In the first 45 minutes we had a bunch of bites and put a handful of Big Stripers in the boat.  We hooked up a few more and lost them. Made a couple moved had a few more bites before Lenny boated a 30+ pounder.  Another OK evening aboard the Queen! 

May 24 Day Trip 
What a nice day! We had one family from PA who drove down with all their kids, so we stayed local and put a nice catch of Sea Bass together for them. 

May 23 
We did not sail 

May 21
Too Bad the rain scared off all the people.  The 19 who knew they wouldn't melt were rewarded with another wonderful day of Fast Paced Action most of the morning. As usual the first rain drops were after the boat was docked and folks were on their way home.  Sunday the weather will shape up in time for our AM trip and looks to be beautiful by the Magic Hour sailing.  Come on down! 
May 20
SUPER FISHING CONTINUES! All the Blues you shake stick at with a Bass or two mixed in! Rasheed shows off his 41 pound Pool winner Friday! 

May 19 
What a day! Awesome Fast Paced Jigging for Jumbo Blues to 17 pounds in the morning.  The Magic Hour is producing Big Stripers as we speak! Rich "1000" Jim Steel & Jack Schocklin all have a trophy Striper in the boat.  Weather looks Spectacular for Friday. Come on down! 

May 18 
No Sail due to lousey forecast 
May 16 & 17

Tuesday & Monday afternoon were SUPER ACTION for 8-15 pounds Blues!  Don't miss out on this great action  Thursday & Friday forecast is gorgeous. See ya aboard

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