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View the latest New Jersey Fishing report, supplied by Party Boat NJ.

Some of the best and most diverse year-round fishing occurs at the New Jersey Shore. Due to the Gulf Stream, the Hudson River Flow and the Delaware River Flow, the Jersey Shore produces a wide variety of species, such as bluefish, striped bass, fluke, weakfish and more.

Anglers can surf cast from selected beaches or enjoy fishing the inlets. Many half-day, full-day and nighttime party boats operate out of marinas on the New Jersey Shore.

Marinas can be found in Cape May, Wildwood, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Sea Bright, Belmar, Brielle, Point Pleasant and Seaside.

Visitors may enjoy a few hours of blue fishing on the Atlantic or even an overnight big game fishing trip via party boat.

New Jersey Fishing Report

The New Jersey Fishing Report is exclusively supplied by Party Boat NJ of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

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Capt Dave's Queen Mary 

New Jersey Fishing Report  - Party Boat NJ

Sailing Daily 7:30am to 2pm
Striped Bass & Jumbo Blues

Striper Marathon 
every Tuesday 
Starts Oct 27
6:30am leave & return ??? (3-5pm) $70 per person
Thanksgiving Day Stripers 
6am -12noon
Make it your family tradition
Give the gift of Fishing 


For up to the minute Info and updates please check out our Facebook Page,

If you plan on Striper Fishing this fall please get your Striped Bass Bonus tag! It costs nothing except a self addressed Stamped envelope when sent in:
Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
The Tradition continues and was a success as usual!  Lots of smiling faces and Stripers! 

Normal 7:30am departure daily thru December

Nov 25

What a glorious Day

Bass bit all day and the weather was absolutely perfect
Nov 24
Marathon Tuesday was another success!  We needed the long hours today as the best fishing was early & late.  Most had a bonus size Striper 24"-28" and some had a keeper 28"- 43" fish.  Many short and bonus fish were released. Again the plastic swim shads worked best.  Weather looks great for tomorrow & Thanksgiving Day.  We are usually not crowded Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  See ya aboard 
Nov 23
Super Action on Jigs, Plastics & Kroc's 

Those who braved the cold and wind today were paid off big time.  Lots of mixed size Stripers 24"-35" Limits of Bonus and regular keepers with many tossed back.  Hi-hook had 10 Stripers.  We had a few blues mixed in as well.  White swim shads 5-7" worked by far the best with Kroc's and jigs catching too.  We sell jigs and Kroc's aboard but don't have ant swim shads so please pick some up before coming down.  Tuesday is Marathon day 6:30am departure.  Weather looking calm and above average temps next few days 

Nov 20 & 21

We had OK action with smaller fish on Friday all Bonus size fish with some throwbacks in the mix.  Saturday produced some action on jigs with bigger fish up to 32".  I read lots of fish today but they did not bite except on the change of tide.  WIth the West wind Sunday lets hope they are ready to eat! 

NOV 17



Nov 16
Best day in 2 years for Big Bass on Jigs
Weather was perfect and the fishing even better. Cant say it enough get your Butts down here and get in on the action
Nov 15
After 2 tough days on the water Sunday has been Spectacular!  We have many limits this morning with mainly large Stripers to 44". Jim Steel with 6 Bass to 43.5". Rufus boated 5 for a close runner up. Some Bonus size fish mixed in as well. Both bait and jigs working this morning.  Weather looks great next 3 days!  

Nov 11
No Sail today and No Sail Thursday.  Friday will be a go! See ya aboard 
Nov 10
No sail today with Northeast winds honking up to 30.  Unfortunately, the wind will continue into late tonight.  We are CANCELED for Wednesday. Next nice day will be Friday into the weekend
Nov 9
SUPER ACTION MONDAY! As fast as you could pull them for hours this morning.  We did get a few Stripers mixed in with tons of Jumbo Blues.  Tuesday Striper Marathon is canceled due to rough seas.  Wednesday now looks iffy too.  See ya aboard 

Nov 8
Jigging action with mixed size Stripers 24" - 40" and jumbo blues on jigs today. Weather looks great for Monday and Wednesday & Friday.  Tuesday looks iffy with rain and NE winds predicted.  Thursday we are sold out 

Nov 7
Stripers again were slow today so we bent rods with Big Blues.  
Nov 6
The Heavy Thick Fog made it very difficult to find bait for the early boats.  I find that if you don't have live bait you usually don't get the Bass.  I opted to go for Blues as the Fog was supposed to stick around most of the morning.  I'm glad I did!  We had tremendous action for 6-12 pound Blues all on jigs.  The Striper boats did read fish but they never bit Friday.  Typically, Stripers don't bite more than 2 days in a row, so 4 would have been a real stretch.  Maybe Saturday they will get hungry again? 

Nov 5
Super Action early this morning all on Live Bunker snag & drop!  Many customers were limited out before 10am.  If Stripers are your game. Get down now before its all over!!! See ya aboard 

Nov 4
Another Great Day!!  Perfect weather combined with Stripers up to 46" pool winner.  A bunch of limit catches with many getting their trophy size Striper all on live bait. 

Nov 3
Nice showing of Big Stripers for us today!  Bass up to 46" with a couple of limit catches.  Many had a fish or two and those who didn't had a few bites but blew there shot.  It was all on live bait, so that made it harder than normal.  Lots of pics can be seen on our Facebook page. Carmine and charlie had limits to 46" pool winner.  Rich Esposito was a close second with a 45.5" fish that almost beat him.  Jack Schocklin has a nice fish and lost another, Tom and daughter Page each boated Stripers.  We will look for Bass first the next few days before blues if we have to find a back up plan.  We did have some keeper weakfish too. Weather looks unbelievable for November. 

November 2
Flat Calm Seas predicted into Thursday!  The calm conditions were perfect for  drifting which has produced best most days.  The first hour was productive and then it was game on at 10:30am.  The next 2 hours were crazy with not a lull until it was time to head home.  All Jumbo Blues on plain or tailed jigs up to 19 pounds.  Tomorrow is our Striper Marathon departing at 6:30am and returns late afternoon.  This is a open boat trip no reservations required.  There were some Stripers mixed in with Blues late this afternoon to the North so we will look hard for the Bass tomorrow.  Last week we got lucky late.  Weather is perfects come on down!
November 1

Big Blues were on tap again Sunday!  The pace was not as fast today with the rough seas.  Hi-hook had 7 and many had 4-6 Blues up to 17 pounds.  Weather is looking very nice for the first week of November with above normal temps and calm seas.  Come on down!

Oct 31
Tremendous Action with Jumbo Blues all on jigs today.  We fished for for Blues until noon and spent the afternoon looking for Stripers.  With very few Bass caught today by the whole Striper fleet. We will look for Blues first unless something makes us change that plan. See ya aboard tomorrow

Oct 30 

I had very high hopes for today after the one boat from our inlet out yesterday afternoon crushed the Stripers on jigs. I read lots of fish and the trolling boats did well. The jigs on the other hand did not produce at all today. We did capture a couple nice keeper Bass. Jim Stives boated one and lost another near the boat. Chris had a nice 36" fish to a win the pool. Weather looks very nice for Saturday. Let's hope they want to bite tomorrow.

Oct 29
A Big area of Striped Bass have arrived.  This is usually the largest fish of the Fall run.  Use your sick days, or call in sick, the time is NOW.  If you wait it could be too late.  Friday and Weekend weather look great!  See ya aboard 

Oct 28 
No Sail
Oct 27

First Striper Marathon of the year produces the first Stripers of the fall season.  We picked at Blues from 10 -12:30 boating one nice keeper Striper mixed in with the Blues.  Later in the day we happened upon a change of tide bite which produced a handful more in the boat and lost more than that.  Weather looking terrible Wednesday, windy for Thursday and nice for Friday.  See ya aboard on Friday

Oct 25
Jumbo Blues again were on the menu today!  OK Action on jigs for Blues up to 16 pounds.  This weeks weather is tricky.  Monday is a no-sail,  Tuesday & Friday looking best. Tuesday is our first Striper Marathon 6:30am departure 

Oct 23

With the hard wind today I opted not to head offshore and beat the people up. We stayed local and put a nice mixed catch together. Lots of Sea Bass action in the morning. The afternoon. We had all you wanted small blues to 1.5 pound and tons of 12"-15" weakfish, all on light tackle. It was a blast! Most had a keeper weakfish a bunch of blues and a few keeper Sea Bass. Nice Day! Weather looks good this weekend! We will be able to head offshore for the Jumbo Blues Saturday & Sunday

Oct 22
It was a smorgasbord today!  The Blues did not cooperate as well as the previous few so many opted to bottom fish at times.  We had a nice mix of Blues Seabass and Porgies.  Weather looks nice for this weekend 

Oct 21
What a Day!!   Hands down the best Bluefishing of the fall to date.  The first 1-1/2 hours of fishing was SUPER ACTION all on jigs.  Erik, Trevor and I were non-stop gaffing the whole time and we really could have headed home at 11am.  The next 1-1/2 were normal good action with a fish or 3 on around the boat with shots up to 6 on at a time.  The Blues are all 8-14 pounds with pool winners going around 18 pounds.  Now is the time, so don't wait, get down sooner than later or you will miss the action. Weather: Thursday looking better than Friday, and the weekend looks nice!  See ya aboard 

Oct 20
No Sail too Rough
Oct 19
Jumbo Blues were biting well Monday!   A slow start ended with a fast finish.  Bob, Jack & Stoney all had 10 in the boat and lost many more.  Ralph had a bunch and all arms were weary by days end.  Tuesday is NO-SAIL due to hard winds.  Wednesday looks very nice and is best of the week.   Thursday will be almost as nice.  See ya aboard 

Oct 18
I opted to stay along the beach as the North west wind was really more North than West and blowing harder than the past few days. We had a very slow morning watching lots of Albys bust around the boat but could not catch them. I went to a few places up the beach then off and finally south before finding very good action with small Blues to 1pound and lots of 12"-15" Weakfish. Pat Murphy in just over an hour had 30+ weakfish using a Hi-low jig and teaser. Many had their keeper weakfish along with small blues. Tomorrow we wil be able to get back offshore for the Jumbo Blues. Weather looks nice for tomorrow & I have some calls for Monday and we should have enough to sail. See ya aboard

Oct 16 & 17
Friday & Saturday produced Great Action for the biggest blues of the season to date.  Jumbo Blues is being kind.  Pool winner was over 19# for Al Trotter & Jeff Taylor of Irvington on Friday.  Today's pool winner was even larger.  Tom and Samantha combined for 11 to 18 pounds loosing more than they boated.  These are tackle busting Blues.  Make sure you have fresh line and drags are working well.  Sunday weather will be ok with Monday being nicer.  See ya aboard 

Oct 15
Pretty good day! A little slow early but it built up as the day wore on and Mike Popchak boated 10 to 17 pounds.  The pool winner was close to 19 pounds.  Jigs worked best today with a few caught on bait as well.  Weather looks very fishable right thru the weekend.  Some Stripers were caught by trolling boats today so we may start to see Stripers mixing in very soon
Oct 11 & 12
JUMBO BLUES!! OK action Sunday  and Good action Monday.  Bait and jigs worked today. Blues up to 19 pounds. High hook had 10. Big Blues are here and weather looking good Wednesday & Thursday 
Oct 7

Finally the seas calmed enough for us to get out.  Took a bit but we found lots of Mackerel with a couple of Bonito and Alby late morning and JUMBO BLUES later in the day.  Bob Gieson had 5 to 18 pounds, Jack Schocklin got to break in his new spinning pole with a few to 19 pounds.  Mike and Ed combined for 11 Blues.  Turned out to be a very nice day.  With tomorrow forecast sunny and calm we will be sailing a normal 7:30am Blues, Bonito, Alby trip in morning.  Weather looks tough for Friday but terrific for Thursday

Oct 5

This weather BLOWS! I'm not being sarcastic either.  Still rough and windy this morning.  Tuesday is canceled but hoping Wednesday is a go. Supposed to calm through day tomorrow and Wednesday looks nice.  I'll keep ya posted 
Sept 30

Hurricane Prep in process, not looking good!  We are canceled thru Saturday at minimum.  Stay tuned for more info

Sept 30
Hurricane Prep time!  We are again in a terrible pattern of hard NE winds giving us Rough Seas!  To add to the bad news a hurricane is headed up the coast late this weekend.
Sept 29
The first Mudhole trip was kind of a success.  Good news was we had lots of action starting with Big Jumbo Blues to 18 pounds early in the dark and as the sun was rising.  I left that area in search of the intended Bluefin Tuna.   Lots of searching turned up many other species, but the desired one.  We found a handful of Mahi to 7 pounds, a good shot of Banded Rudder fish, some Big Blue Runners, 15+ Albys and tons of Mackerel.  The Albys were mostly caught on Tsunami split tails and buck tails.  A few times with 3/4 on at a time.  The mackerels took over in a few spots.  Weather was great but its only for one day.  Unfortunately, it appears we are probably going to loose another bunch of days to rough seas.  See ya aboard at some point

Sept 27
What an absolutely terrible week for fishing last week.  We have not fished since last Sunday.  Wind will subside tonight into tomorrow leaving us with a window for Tuesday's Mudhole Tuna trip & Wednesday Blues.  I have 5 open spaces available for our first 4:30am Mudhole trip, Tuesday. Wednesday looks good as well for our normal 7:30am Blue & Bonito trip.  Wednesday Gang should be down and hopefully we can pick up where we left off with good jigging for Blues.  Maybe the Big Blues will have arrived during this blow?  It's a whole new ballgame after a long blow.  See ya aboard
Sept 24
Had good action most of month Bonito, Macks, Blues and Alby mixed together.   We have not fished all week due to rough seas.  The rough weather continues into the weekend, so see ya next week I hope.  Usually after a long blow the game has been reset and lets hope with Jumbo Blues and lots of them
Sept 7
All State Septic's annual Tuesday after Labor Day trip was a success once again.  Today was a repeat of yesterday.  Lots of Mackerel, some Blues and a good mix of Bonito and Alby.  Plus a very large Spanish mackerel to win the pool

Sept 7
What a difference a day makes!!! Tons of mackerel, some Blues and many Bonito and Alby for those who wanted to target them. Great Labor Day! We are sold out tomorrow Tuesday, Sept 8. Normal open boat 7:30am leave Wednesday & Thursday. See ya aboard

Sept 6 
Gorgeous Day! We found plenty of Albies but they were tough to catch. The regulars who knew how to work Tsunami Split tails had constant action. Tom had 6, Burt had a handful others had a few. A few cod and couple Blues. Others just watched and maybe caught one. Tomorrow looks very nice again let's hope the cooperate better

Sept 5 
No sail too rough
Sept 4

Wind came on strong way earlier than forecast this morning. We headed a different direction and it paid off! Lots of 2-3 pound Blues on jigs with a couple Alby mixed in. Jay, Ashley and Joe show off their catch below! Saturday will be rough, so plan on joining us Sunday & Monday when it's forecast to be sunny 80 and calm

Sept 3
Today was better action over Tuesday.  The first hour we had a nice pick of 1-4 pound Blues mainly on jigs.  Those who used bait caught well too.   The Albies showed up along with a some Bonito and we picked at all 3 species most of the morning until noon.  The last 45 minutes we caught mainly Albies.  Weather looks nice for Friday but please call me if you are planning on Saturday.  Sunday and Monday looks to be the nicer days this Labor Day weekend.

Aug 30
A BIG CHANGE TODAY!! The Alby's and Bonito along with small blues moved the Mack's off the spot.  We had good action early with the Albys later we picked at all three along with some Sharks late.  Weather looking great this week.  Remember we are sold out tomorrow but have plenty of room the rest of the week. Below, Doug and Adam Swech with 3 Bonito, 3 Alby and couple Blues.  They lost as many as they landed.  

Aug 29
Good Action again today!  The first hour produced the best action with many getting 5-15 Mack's & Blues mixed.  Gary Rossnagel had multiple double headers and had over 20 before 10:15 this morning.  Some Albys were in the mix along with a few Sharks up to 60 pounds.  Weather was great and should be very nice again Sunday

AUG 28
Another great day! What a nice week, with some very good action Thursday & Friday. Blues, Mack's and a few surprises. The Alby's are starting to arrive and mix in as we had some both yesterday & today. Between the weather and the fishing Friday was a top 10 day this summer. Weather looking great thru weekend. School is almost in session, so grab the kids and come on down!

Aug 24

Good action most of the morning for Mack's.  

Aug 23

Action was better for Mack's.  Many had 4-8 fish. Hi- hook was 14 

Aug 16
Another very nice day on the water with good action for Blues and Macks!  Hi-hook was Mike Pane with 7 Blues and 23 Macks.  Many had 12 -20 fish each.  Weather looking very nice all week

Aug 15
Very Good Blues and Mack's today! Burt had his bluefish limit before 10am 
Aug 14
Super Action all morning with the Mack's!  This is fun fishing if you enjoy light tackle.  If you have a light Spinner with 12-20 pound test it's perfect.  Weather looking very nice for the weekend

Aug 13 
Good action with a mix of Blues and Mack's again
Aug 12

Capt JB had good action for Mack's Blues and a few sharks again today. 
 Aug 10

Tough Day we picked at Blues and Mackerel but not nearly enough. Tomorrows weather looks very poor, we will NOT try Tuesday morning and may have to cancel Tuesday afternoon as well. Wednesday & Thursday look very nice. See ya aboard

Aug 3 
We did not have enough participation this morning.  The wind is up so our afternoon is canceled 
Aug 2
What a GORGEOUS DAY!  Super weather and some action with Macks & Blues! Mitch from El Paso, TX had 25 Blues and Macks for Hi-Hook. Below is Sue Berger with a nice catch! Weather looking a bit windy for Monday.  Tuesday looks OK but Wednesday thru Friday looking best.  See ya aboard  

Aug 1

Actually had OK action today with smaller blues and lots of Mackerel. We jigged with the A-17 size plain diamonds and picked awash best early and late. High hook had 21 Macks and 6 Blues nice day! Sunday weather looking great!

Aug 1

Actually had OK action today with smaller blues and lots of Mackerel. We jigged with the A-17 size plain diamonds and picked awash best early and late. High hook had 21 Macks and 6 Blues nice day! Sunday weather looking great!

July 31 
Beautiful Day but slow again today.  The Blues never made their quick appearance this morning so we quickly switched up. We did have some action with short fluke along worn some keepers in the mix today.  Weather looks nice for the weekend with Sunday the calmer of the two days

July 29 & 30
Both days we had some Big Blues early and then went bottom fishing to bend the rods a bit.  Weather looking SUPER Friday thru the weekend! 

July 24 
WE finally captured some Jumbo Blues today! Not nearly enough but saw lots and maybe something is finally changing for the better.   Weather looks outstanding for  
the weekend


July 23 
Some good Fluke action with lots of shorts and keepers 

July 21-22
Tuesday was slower than Mondays good fishing.  We had action but a 1-2 pick of mixed Blues and mackerel.  Wednesday was a very nice day but was a complete Hack for the Blues and Macks.  We did catch some, but every time we got something started a dusky shark or two would disrupt the chum slick, forcing us to move. This happened 3 times today.  Finally, we moved inshore and picked at some sea bass to end the day.  Weather looks nice next few days.  

July 20

Better action today with some limit catches of Blues.  We had more Mackerel in the mix today. Hi-hook had 20+ Blues.  Weather looking nice most of week
July 17
Blues bounced back today!  Some limits along with Macks to keep people busy.  Weather looking very nice this weekend
July 15
JB had good action with Seabass with most keeping a keeper or two and releasing many, the flaking wasn't as good but short action and some keepers too.  Thursday looking rough for the morning trip but we should be able to get the fish & fireworks trip in.  Friday looks like a nice day! 

July 11
Saturday was a bounce back day!  Weather was glorious and the fish cooperated better.  Many had 5-10 blues with hi-hook over a dozen.  Weather looks very nice for Sunday and Monday
July 7
Another great day with Limits plus for most patrons. Took a little too get them going but it ended up a great day.  Danielle and her father Denis combined for over 50 blues. Jack, Bob, Joe and Charlie had a nice barrel full. We have seen Bonito mixed in with the blues the past 3 days. Hope to see ya aboard.

July 6
Another SUPER DAY! All the little Blues you could want 1-2 pounds with the pool winner, a 3.5pounder, beating out a Bonito. Sarah & Chris pose with a superb catch. Weather looks good most of this week. Tuesday will be nice until you are already in your car on way home. Come on down.

July 5


SUPER ACTION, LIMITS OF BLUES! The weather is great the fishing wonderful. Where are u?  Come on down. Monday weather looks phenominal. See ya aboard 

July 4 

Happy Independence Day!  The fishing was even better today for the cocktail sized Blues.  Many people had double digits and a few Cod were mixed in.  

July 3 
Best day in over 2 weeks for Blues!  Bert was hi-hook with 11!  The action was just a pick but compared to zero blues like the previous couple of weeks it was a delight.  Most were cocktail size fish so the light tackle and smaller jigs are best.  Weather looks better Sunday vs Saturday this weekend.  See ya aboard 

July 2
Was a nice calm day, two in a row, first time in over a month!  Fishing was painfully slow Thursday morning, but bounced back for the afternoon.  Lots of action with sea bass mostly shorts with some keepers mixed in.  The folks were happy to be catching.  Fish & Fireworks has lots of room Friday afternoon but is SOLD OUT for Saturday afternoon.  Please call us if you would like to join us this evening 

July 1 

Did not have enough participation this morning the strong T-storms around 4-6am kept everyone at home.  Weather looks mainly dry and calm the next couple of days.  Come on down!  
June 30
Same sea bass a few porgies and some Fluke.  4.5pound Fluke won the pool 

July 1 

Did not have enough participation this morning the strong T-storms around 4-6am kept everyone at home.  Weather looks mainly dry and calm the next couple of days.  Come on down!  
June 30
Same sea bass a few porgies and some Fluke.  4.5pound Fluke won the pool 
June 29

 Friday night we had a good Magic Hour boating a bunch of Stripers to 44 pounds. Saturday was very rough and we anchored up and picked away at sea bass.  Sunday we did not sail in AM, but had ok action with short fluke in the river for the afternoon trip.  Monday we picked away with Sea Bass. 
June 26 Magic Hour. 

Took a while but we found a whale pushing bunker up so we could get some bait. As the sun was setting we had a nice shot of fish up to 44 pounds. We had a few on live a couple on fresh dead bunker and one on a fresh chunk. We have added Wednesday July 1 Magic Hour Striper.  

June 26
WOW!  The weather people could not have blown a forecast any better than today and last Sunday.  No patrons around as the weather forecast said rain and wind. I woke up to dry and calm conditions.  The weather was so nice it turned into a great day for me to play on the beach with my 5 year old.  We are planning on trying Saturday morning.  If its a disaster we will not go, if it turns out OK we will head out

June 26
WOW!  The weather people could not have blown a forecast any better than today and last Sunday.  No patrons around as the weather forecast said rain and wind. I woke up to dry and calm conditions.  The weather was so nice it turned into a great day for me to play on the beach with my 5 year 

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