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New Jersey Surfing

The New Jersey Shore has some of the best surfing on the Eastern seaboard. It’s a place where surfers can catch a lot of good waves and have a great time.

During the summer months, surfing in New Jersey can be quite enjoyable, despite New Jersey's beach going crowds. Surfers frequent many shore towns such as Manasquan, Cape May and Ocean City. Even though surfers spend most of their time in the water, in order to access those ocean waves, they are still required to purchase a daily or seasonal beach badge.

New Jersey Surfing

Surfing the New Jersey Shore

Prime surf season in New Jersey occurs during the Fall months. You won't have to worry about summer crowds; you will have a lot of freedom to surf the waves. The air will be a bit colder than in the summer, obviously, but the ocean temperatures usually remain warm through October. During the Fall, surfing conditions at the New Jersey Shore are at their best due to the peak of the hurricane season, which increases ocean swells.

In the Winter months, ocean temperatures can restrict surfing in New Jersey. A warm fullsuit with booties, gloves and a hood are key to prolonging a surfer's time in the frigid water. The surf is usually satisfactory; the result of winter storms and the beaches will be deserted.

In the Spring the winter fullsuits are still a must to keep warm. The water gradually warms up as the summer months approach and, slowly, the beaches and oceans will become more crowded. The New Jersey beach crowds should then increase and surfers can ’shore up’ for another great season of surfing.

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