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New Jersey Shore - Mister C's Corner Grill

Mister C's Corner Grill-deal
If you are looking for a pleasant dining experience, look no further than Mister C’s, a long-standing favorite on Norwood Avenue in Deal. Mister C's Corner Grill - deal, NJ
Mister C's Corner Grill - deal, NJ The owners are ‘hands-on’ and visibly present at all times, so you can be sure that this establishment is well run and friendly. The food is wonderful, with some of the best pasta dishes being served at the Jersey Shore. They serve only the finest cuts of meat; the beef and veal dishes are excellent.
While the décor is casual, you will see that this is a happening place. It could get a bit crowded on a Saturday night during the summer months, so be wise and try it during the week or after the summer crowds have gone. Mister C's Corner Grill - deal, NJ
Mister C's Corner Grill - deal, NJ Mr. C’s has a liquor license and a very comfortable bar for meeting friends and socializing. The wait staff is efficient and friendly; say “Hello” to Joseph, the amiable and accomplished bartender.
Mister C's Corner Grill
118 Norwood Avenue
Deal, New Jersey

Phone for reservations: 732-531-3665