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Restoration of Sand Dunes At The New Jersey Shore

When dunes have been moved, destroyed by weather, construction, or thoughtless abuse all is not lost.

One of the most compelling aspects of beach sand areas is the ability of nature to rebound from damage and with a little help from the local inhabitances endure and flourish.

If you are interested in modifying or restoring a sand dune, you must first apply for a New Jersey permit for maintenance of the coastal beach. Most towns along the Jersey Shore already hold a CAFRA permit which within reasonable limits allows the planting of dune grass and cultivation of grass by application of fertilizers and watering.

Rebuilding of dunes can be accomplished by installing dune fences, Bulldozing sand piles(This is less likely to be covered under a general permit) or placement of old Christmas Trees, drift wood, and other natural materials.

Once the fixed objects are put in position, they begin to collect sand almost immediately.

Within a few months the objects begin to take on the shape of a dune and within a year they are ready for planting of dune grass and stabilization of the beach.

There are projects all along the New Jersey Shore sponsored by local New Jersey Shore communities.

Contact the New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection for details on a volunteer project to help restore the New Jersey Shore infrastructure.