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Sand Sculptures At The New Jersey Shore

If you've ever gone to the New Jersey Shore and witnessed the construction of a sand castle or sand sculpture, you know that the outcome is a delicate balance of engineering, architecture, artistry and luck. We hope to help improve your success and the results of your efforts using a practical, step-by-step process.

How To Build A Sand Castle

First, your design; whether the typical New Jersey Shore Sandcastle or a mermaid rising from the sea, must be planned. Nothing elaborate, just a simple sketch will do.

Assemble all your tools. Choose a spot and roughly outline the sandcastle or sculpture's area using a stick and you're ready to begin the creative process.

The tools are simple and available on any beach or in any beachfront variety store. There is no perfect set of tools. Each tool is selected based on the design criteria and need for support.

Let’s say we are building a five story apartment house with streets and shops surrounding it.

We will need a couple dozen Popsicle sticks, a pail a small shovel, some carefully selected sea shells bits and pieces of clam shells, a bottle of spray water, some empty, square-shaped containers, (milk cartons will due.) and we’re ready to build.

Once the area is marked draw the streets and building areas on the sand. Make sure your site is close enough to the ocean to make water retrieval easy but not so close that it will get washed away at high tide.

Completely soak the area where you are to build your sand sculpture with sea water. Compress your work area with your shovel and create a level surface.

Fill a milk carton with wet sand making sure to reinforce the sand by including a Popsicle stick or two in the center of the sand fill area. With a quick turn of the hand place your packed sand building in position on your work area. Continue in this way until your area is covered with buildings and streets. Be sure to spray your work frequently as dry sand will blow away. Bits of shells can be used to carve designs in the buildings (windows, walkways, etc.).

Send your Sand Sculpture pictures to

You may just win a prize at the end of the summer.