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Seaside Heights

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Seaside Heights
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Seaside Heights NJ Brief History:

Seaside Heights, a small .3 square mile Jersey Shore town, started to see its first real development stage in the early 1900’s. A local development company campaigned wealthy Philadelphia-area residents to build vacation homes in Seaside Heights. During this period, land costs were quite reasonable. This fact, combined with the beautiful beaches and salty air was all it took to start Seaside Heights on its way to becoming a premier spot for a Jersey Shore vacation.

Seaside Heights was incorporated as a borough in 1913. By 1915, Seaside Heights had two hotels as well as development plans for a carousel, billiards, and other amusements. That same year, a toll bridge across Barnegat Bay was constructed to link Seaside Heights with the mainland. Vacationers no longer had to use a boat or train to get to Seaside Heights.

From 1917 to 1921, construction of the boardwalk was underway. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire in 1955. Of course, it was rebuilt and today visitors enjoy the mile long boardwalk filled with rides, food, amusements and games.

Bordering Barnegat Bay on the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Seaside Heights has a year round population of 3,100 people that swells to 30 – 40 thousand per weekend in summer. It is a convenient ride from the Philadelphia and New York Metropolitan areas, and just one hour away from Atlantic City.

Visitors to Seaside Heights will be welcomed with a dizzying array of things to do. Besides the pristine beaches, there are hundreds of choices for food, nightlife, water sports and boardwalk activities. Seaside Heights enjoys sunrises over the Atlantic and sunsets over Barnegat Bay. Come to Seaside Heights to experience all the best attractions that the famed Jersey Shore has to offer!